Friday, February 1, 2008

Blog Abstract

I decided that my interest in historic preservation issues was probably a little off-topic for my personal blog, so I have started this new one. Over there, we'll talk about the news, the family, life in general. Over here, we'll talk about a variety of preservation issues, including maintenance of a 200-some-year-old house, why vinyl windows are a scourge, examine preservation issues in the news, and explore why TV is so biased in favor of preservation-unfriendly "solutions" (I'm talking to you too, This Old House). The blog title is a jab at the stereotype formulated by all those people who get mad at us when we protest the demolition of some forlorn old building. Most of us are not hysterical, and are actually pretty mellow people most of the time, but we can get pretty passionate about old-growth wood, quirky vernacular architecture, and property owners who neglect or destroy valuable historic resources. So, welcome to all visitors.

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Richard Layman said...

I'll add this link forthwith. If you go into your other blog and switch to the compose mode, you can just copy all the text and code and cross-post it. Love, R