Thursday, October 1, 2009

She's gone

At 8AM this morning, the Kestenbaum demo crew started knocking La Ronda down. It is sinking fast. I wasn't there, but lots of other people were. Including some of the Kanias, who I can't believe would even show their faces at this point. See the Save La Ronda homepage and Facebook group and Carla at Save Ardmore Coalition's blog for full updates.

It is still such a breathtaking house, even as it turns to rubble. It breaks my poor creaky architectural historian heart to think of all the Spanish tile, carved stone, groin vaults, plasterwork, and cool old windows being smashed up and dumped in a landfill. Not to mention the genius and labor that went into creating it, and the memories of the many who lived there. Absolutely sickening. What a waste. This didn't have to happen.

I haven't got much to say that hasn't already been said. Now that we're over the cliff, I hope those responsible are happy and at peace. Their big white elephant is on its final voyage out of their lives, their estate-owning dreams are coming true, and their public relations circus is over. I hope that when moving day comes, the Kestenbaums will receive a "welcome" they deserve.

Come on, Karma. Do your thing.


Kathleen said...

As a preservation professional, this breaks my heart too. Funny, if a woman had owned it, she would have had the good sense to know what a gem she had. In fact, if a woman had owned it, she would have played up the fact how historically significant the property was and would have gotten a lot more than $6 million for it..... stupid egotistical men... all of them.

Andra said...

Shame, shame, shame on them. What a tragic loss. I am heartsick.